As Columbia University's home in Venice, the Casa Muraro Center for Venetian Studies offers researchers direct access to the many world-renowned sites, museums, and archives that the city has to offer. 

Fellowships and grants made possible by the Packard Humanities Insitute and Carol and John Finlay generously support the ongoing research of students and faculty in the Veneto, who receive full access to the Research Library for Venetian Studies. The library comprises some 6348 volumes, including 206 rare books, collected by the Venetian art historian Michelangelo "Mic" Muraro (1913-1991) and his wife, theater historian Maria Teresa Muraro. A state-of-the-art Teaching Center accompanies the library to accommodate fieldwork presentations, events, and on-site learning for the Columbia Summer in Venice Program

In addition to the ongoing research of Casa Muraro's fellows, since 2015 Columbia University's Media Center for Art History has conducted fieldwork to document the art and architecture of Medieval and Renaissance Venice. For more information on these efforts and the Media Center for Art History, please visit the Fieldwork page.